People of the Full Gospel Church, Baracbac Village, Philippines. DSMI helped fund the building of this beautiful Church.




Project Number 1. Priority Need here to raise funds to insulate and line the ceilings of two buildings. Report on first project in progress in the School rooms. We are helping place ceiling material designed to reduce heat in 8 school rooms.

13417488_1810813312475391_5681784550269917571_nThis picture taken from the second or in the middle room yesterday Tuesday. I hired 4 men to do the ceiling board. For sure, the children and the teachers who will use these classrooms that will start on Monday June 13 will be happy that their classrooms are already much cooler.

Once again, thank you so much for your love, kindness and supports. We are so much grateful to God because of you. God bless you.

Please consider even a small donation towards School rooms for these beautiful village kids and others. We have recently donated $9,000 US towards finishing school rooms for the mother school. Look below for progress reports.. We have provided for water pumps, installation, deposit on needed land as well as preparation for building new school rooms in the surrounding villages. Plans, permits etc are on the way. These rooms are not only for education, but for feeding programs and bible training.