A Tribute to my Dad Ronald David Stanton 1921 -2013

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Ronald David Stanton 1921 2013

Ronald David Stanton 1921-2013

My dad is still my hero. What a privilege to have such a great dad who loved his God, wife, family and country, as a great role model to all of his extended family. Surviving as a prisoner of war ( POW) after the “fall of Singapore”, he married his sweet heart, had five boys, and now has an extended family of over 44 and growing. As I right this there are 3 more great grand-children on the way.

He was faithfully married to my mum for just on 67 years. He had a love of the land and was an expert horsemen. He was a mans that could fix any thing and lay his hand to anything. That has inspired me to be able to have a go at anything that faces me. I am sure it is why I have faced and conquered so many challenges and changes in my life. I love my dad and miss him so much, as I planned to spend this time with him and my mum. Despite this loss, it is a wonderful time now with my mum who turns 90 in March. She is doing very well as my dad was a good provider.

Both parents have been a remarkable example of health in old age, and inspires me to live a long and healthy life.

I will be putting my dad’s war stories on line in the near future as I know some of these stories need to be told to the younger generation.

I miss you dad, but I know a big part of you lives in me as I face each day. See you latter in Heaven, so enjoy all that is prepared for you till we all reunite.


Your number 4 son,


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