Doug in Itapage, Brazil in August 2019

I had the privilege of ministering to over 10,000 people in Brazil, beginning a new season in the Life of Doug and Karen.

I was given a prophetic vision 40 years ago of myself ministering in stadiums of people just like the photo below. We have had revivals and ministered to thousands of people over these last 40 years but always held the crusade ministry at a distance, waiting for a clear word from God.

Doug in Itapage, Brazil

In meeting my friend Dave Hauer earlier in 2019, God spoke to both of us about teaming up to begin a crusade aspect of DSMI ministry. I knew it was God, as deep emotion that I had not felt since the beginning of our revival breakthroughs in 1995, hit me with a flood. I knew God was challenging me to this transition in our ministry.

In pursuing the possibility of teaming up, we agreed to meet in Brazil and test the waters together. Well, it was a powerful experience at every level.

I love the heart of Dave Hauer for the Nations and his experience and ability as a crusade director. His crusade co-ordinator  Kristan D’Arba is likewise passionately skilled in heart and purpose. In short I was very impressed and overwhelmed with the whole experience.


As a result of talks that are on going, we are in the process of planning the next Brazil Crusade with DSMI partnering with Dave and Kristen for 2020.

We are still working on the details and timing but feel and excitement about the future of this transition for Karen and I.

Our heart for revival remains and will have an obvious influence on the possible results of the crusade ministry over the years. That is for God to determine the mix and effect.

Our heart to develop the DSMI RANCH & TRAINING CENTER  in Alabama will take on a new aspect of training for young ministers to be trained in Crusade ministry and follow-up impact on the cities that open up in Crusades.


We will be taking applications for possible team members of the next crusade shortly. Several have already sent a message to me as to their desire to be apart of this ministry. Please feel free to inbox me with you interest and keep an eye out for our announcement of the Crusade details in the near future.


I cannot explain the stirring in my spirit for this next season for DSMI. I know this is part of my prophetic destiny and can only hope and pray that Father God continues to open the right doors for Karen and I to continue our great adventure together. It seems like everything I have learnt in moving a crowd towards Jesus and the Father over years of Revival meetings, ‘Cut My Teeth’ so to speak for this next season. I know I am ready and equipped for this time, yet pray that Father has built sufficient character in Karen and I to take this where Father God wants it to go.

I remember a moment in my early revival breakthroughs, when I was amazed at what God was doing with us, and I proclaimed, ” For this Reason was I Born”.  It is that time again when I know that I know, that for this Reason was I Born for such a time as this.

Doug Preparing to Minister to Over 10,000 People in Itapage, BRAZlL

Karen & I would appreciate your prayers and support as we step into this new Season of our Ministry Journey in this great adventure called Life.

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