Update of Doug & Karen’s Move

A New Base for a New Season for Doug & Karen

A New Base for a New Season for Doug & Karen

A New Base for a New Season

Doug and Karen have recently sold up in Minnesota after 20 years of ministry to and from this great State. God gave us a release some time back and resistance came from every where in every way, but we have prevailed. We have recently had a wonderful time in Australia after the death of Doug’s dad, in which we have had valuable time with family and particularly Doug’s mum.

As a family we have moved 21 times permanently (really) as we planted our home near a church plant, or where a revival or hot spot occurred in our ministry. Some time back God gave us several words that confirmed our season where we could choose a place for our next home. Karen encouraged me to my dream of having a farm, which has become “our dream”.

Any one who knows me and listened to my preaching and heart, you would know I have always had a love for the land. My dad had such a love for the land and it’s culture and it got all over me. I have resisted this love for the sake of the gospel and traveled our world ministering harder then most. Karen and I are gearing up for that to continue, but it will be from our new base in Alabama. We are west of Birmingham and for now it will be our retreat and solitude as we establish our new home. My hope is that it will be a place for my kids and grandkids to enjoy as we enjoy them into our future. My kids gave up a lot on the road and also gained a lot, but I have always longed for them to know the land as I have.

We appreciate your prayers and support as we gear up for the season at hand as this will be the important run for us all.

Doug & Karen



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