Welcome to the Updated DSMI.org Website

Doug StantonAfter nearly three years I am happy to say that we finally able to update our www.dsmi.org website. We have taken many of the best areas of content from our old website and update the information without making a major change to the theme and colors that you have become familiar with. We are now hosted on a WordPress content management system (CMS) which gives us much more flexibility to make changes and quick updates than what our old website was able to do.

We found that our old website was full of video content that was expensive to store with many videos that were months or years old and had few visitors viewing them. This was not a good use of the funds that our supporters and donors have blessed us with. We will be adding new videos to this website and also audio files in a format that will be much easier to access from mobile phones as well as computers. We are also looking into posting our audio files to iTunes so that those using Apple devices will be able to easily subscribe to them.

Please be patient as we make further changes and updates. I would love to have your feedback on the new website and the types of content that you would like to see here. If you had some favorite videos or audios that are not yet linked up here, please let me know and we will look at adding those as soon as we can. You can post your comments below.

Thanks for your support. God Bless you.


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