Revival Fire Breaking out in the North

Doug and Karen are extending their meetings in Duluth, Minnesota as people from a wide area begin to find out what God is up to. Doug and Karen started meetings a year ago that exploded, BUT had to be shut down with COVID restrictions. This time is was a little slower to spark and ignite, BUT now the fire is fueling up. Many testimonies of healings and progressive healings are taking place.

Healing of Hearing Loss from a Child

It is always wonderful to see healings of long term disabilities and illnesses. Many are testifying of conditions from Birth or many years being healed or noticing progressive healing.

Miracle or Healing by Faith

I have often said all that God does is miraculous, but a miracle will happen at times with no strong exercise of faith. I have seen many miracles in my time, but it often does not change the person. When a person is healed by faith over a period of time, it seems their life is also changed towards God and his fruit of ministry in their life. I aim for miracles but see more healings that come by apprehending by faith what God has accomplished on the cross and learning how to simply believe and receive. Ministry is really helping people receive from God what is ALREADY THEIRS.

Removing Unbelief

A big part of Doug’s ministry is teaching people the message of the cross, so they can tear down the strongholds of unbelief that opens the door to a persons ability to receive directly from the father.

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